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Harry Tuttle

Its hard to believe. you choose to be on the side that set off bombs in London, get a UK passport via the back door, and the bastards don't welcome you with open arms. I just don't get it.


He’s just a very naughty boy who likes to play with guns and kill infidels. I wonder how much 60 minutes will pay for this if he does get out. They paid Habib $200k

Pedro the Ignorant

Dammit. I was hoping Hicksy might have been released to dear ol' Ingerland, whereupon the Poms would have recoiled in horror; "Good God, man, WE don't want the filthy colonial"

Then had the exquisite pleasure of seeing Mamdouh Australii aka Hicksy being told to bugger off from Australia as well as an undesirable Pommy alien.

60 Minutes are drooling all over their chequebooks, but looks like they can keep their money for the time being.


the scum bag isn't worth the time to type about him.

Chris Parkes

Scumbag, larrikin knockabout or naughty boy, don't you think the yanks should do something with him, instead of holding him without trial for nigh on five years?


Chris, under the Geneva Conventions which the lefties like to bleat about, he should have been shot as an unlawful combatant.

What do you think they should do?

Pedro the Ignorant

Hicks' legal team, both civilian and US military, have been trying every legal trick in the book to allow Hicks to avoid going to trial.
He has been charged, the case has been prepared by the US military, and it could have gone ahead over 2 years ago.
Hicks' trick of appealing to the UK become an English citizen in the hope of being released has delayed his trial even further.

Now the SCOTUS has ruled that military tribunals are illegal, he can rot in Gitmo for a while longer.

Chris Parkes

Nilknarf - I think that after he has been given a fair trial, he should be shot as an unlawful combatant.

Pedro - you could argue that the US made a rod for their own backs by creating such a legally 'unique' situation in the first place.


Well, I think it atrocious that poor David has spent almost 5 years in confinement, just because he was allegedly an "enemy" combatant. Whose "enemy", FFS? George (Give me Another Brain Before It Is Too Late) Bush declared war on TERROR, not people whose surname ended with "H".

Was David taking up arms on the side of TERRROR? Not on your sweet patootie! He was fighting for the Taliban, a socially aware group who were fighting for Truth, Justice and the Afghani way.

Just because David was trying to kill as many American troops as he possibly could does not mean that he should be exposed to these arcane methods of dissent-suppression.

You people are all Cretans.

Chris Parkes

I'm not from Crete.


Kaboom, if George W Bush is such a complete dunderhead as so many moonbats (and plenty others, too) are convinced, please explain how he got himself elected President of the USA. Twice.

Chris, I can live with that process for Mr Hicks. Might as well bring it on in that case.

Pedro the Ignorant

Nice one Kaboom.
Sucked the Cretans right in.

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