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Just thought that I would post this so you have at least one comment on your pathetic blog.

Chris Parkes

Here's another one.

I personally hope they do burn the flag left, right and centre. There's no better way to garner support for your cause by insulting and denigrating the very people you wish to influence. Perhaps then the government will outlaw it and start chucking their useless carcasses into prison. They will then get a taste of what it is REALLY like to live in a communist utopia, comrade.


Evil Pundit

You can't count, can you, marklatham?

Good luck in Campbelltown Local Court on the 22nd. Maybe they'll just fine you for stealing that photographers' camera -- though it would be amusing if they actually locked you up.

-keith in Silicon Valley

Good stuff, but throughout the narrative I couldn't help feeling that the acronym ACM is an intentionally, pathetically, ambiguous and pseudo "morally neutral" bit of cant - call them what they are, terrorist sympathizers.

General Uppington

Jolly good show ol chaps, you're really giving those reds under the bed a dose of what they need, absolutely sterling effort. The empire can become great again if only these commie blighters could be dispensed with like in the ol days, like in Indonesia when our third world lakkies knocked off all those thousands. They were the days, eh!

Well, stiff upper lip ol chap and don't let your side down.

The General

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