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I don't even know why they thought the Australian government would have been able to pinpoint their exact location in the USA.

Harry Tuttle

Because Little Johnny has failed utterly as a leader if he doesn't personally lead every Australian tourist who gets themselves in the shit back home to safety.

Get with the program here Caz.

Chris Parkes

Excellent point Chief. You are dead right.

But consider this. If you had been on the Consular staff in Washington DC when it became apparent that the US Gov was unwilling or unable to help your fellow countrymen out - would you have driven down to help?


No mate. Because that would be against the law. And besides, where the hell do you start looking?

Chris Parkes

Well, that channel seven crew managed alright. Legal or otherwise, let them sort it out after the washup. There's nothing they can do to a diplomat other than eject them, and after the fact, what difference would it make? I reckon DFAT should be helping to look after our own overseas - why else do we have them?

Just my $0.02.


The media by rights shouldn't have been there either. The concept of "mandatory evacuation" does in fact apply to the media as well. As for the ALP's ridiculous call for ADF personnel in the states to up and leave their places of duty to go looking for stranded tourists is beyond the pale. If the media were so keen to see Australians get out, then why didn't THEY round them all up whilst they were busy traipsing around interviewing everyone? Remember Chris, the reporters were already there reporting on the storm, and hung around after the call to evacuate had been issued.

It's high time that adults capable of independent thought and decision were actually pushed to utilise the same and make their own decisions on the safety or otherwise of where they are. I have little sympathy for people who remained in harms way, expecting someone to just miraculously bail them out. In times past, natural selection would have culled them from the gene pool. Now we send in helicopters to pull them out.

Chris Parkes

??? I never mentioned the ALP.

Whether they hung around illegally or not, the yanks really fucked this one up quite badly, and I for one do not believe in sitting on my hands just because a man in a foreign uniform says so.

They shouldn't have been there - granted. But they were. I don't believe you should watch your countrymen die just because they made a stupid decision.

It comes down to what you expect your government to do for you. Part of the function of DFAT is to "assist Australian travellers and Australians overseas." They did not do this effectively enough for my liking. I question their commitment and relevance, and as I am paying for their continued existence, I have every right to.

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

Harry Buttle

"I for one do not believe in sitting on my hands just because a man in a foreign uniform says so."

In his country that is a fantasic way to get a reasonable amount of foreign jail time up, at which point you can complain that DFAT don't visit.

Hint: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. if you can't manage that don't visit Rome.

Chris Parkes

We're talking about diplomats here. They cannot be prosecuted for offical acts, like assisting Australian nationals. And even if they could be prosecuted, it's still worth it to save some lives, IMHO.


These people whine way too much. If you're not gravely injured, disabled (Stupidity doesn't count) or too old, fucking swim and shut up. Help if you can, otherwise stop bitching, they're still alive, a lot of people weren't that lucky.


Chris, I personally couldn't give a rats arse what the consular staff do. My concern is the alternative Prime Minister of Australia called for ADF personnel to leave their post and head south to hunt for tourists. I'll leave the shenanigans of the diplomats to those who care more than one iota about the DFAT than I do. A bigger pack of self-serving morons you would be hard pressed to find, but I have deliberately excluded Australian state education departments from this bleat.

Chris Parkes

Chief - I have no problem with that. Your original post, however, never mentioned that fat, bloated windbag. You did mention what the consular staff should or shouldn't do. The response could have ranged from verifying the whereabouts of Australian nationals in the area, to hiring a 4WD to evacuate them. Instead the response appears to be ducking and arse-covering.

DFAT is filled with sociology and political science majors who are more concerned with climbing up the greasy pole and kowtowing to foreign powers than actually helping Australians overseas. Criticism of their (in)action is warranted. Not to serve as a political football, but to improve their response to future emergencies.


Anyone notice that the fuckhead from Victoria we're currently wasting money and consular staff's time looking for flew into NOL two fucking days before the hurricane hit, after the evacuation order had been given.
Unlikely that he'll ever turn up, he's obviously too stupid to be able to breathe and walk simultanously, and must have stopped doing one.
These whining spastics make me cringe whenever they idenify themselves as Australian.

Harry Tuttle

Excellent Chris, you want our consular staff to deliberately create an international incident by ignoring the directions of local officials and complicating the jobs of local rescuers and law enforcement officials.

Ask your self how much we'd have appreciated Indonesian officials ignoring our laws and directives and just choosing to traipse around in the ruins of Darwin post cyclone tracey?

When you choose to do something really stupid, blaming the Govt for not either stopping you or fixing it immediately is just wrong.


Not to overlook , the Governor of New Orleans, with some days of warning did nothing until too late, trhen the penny dropped in his genetically dead brain, the Hurricane is real man, it's coming and what did he do, ran away.And everyone is bashing Bush and Howard for thick Oz tourists deciding inspecting the insides of a hurricane is just the ticketty boo touristy thing to do, and a thicko black man who happened to be governor decided a hurricane is just a stiff breeze right up until he peed his pants and fled.And there is worse about the administration of that governor to do with why the aftermath, the flooding, was disastrous.

And Harry Tuttle is spot on with staff consular can cause an incident, in any country.

As for the journos - just like Sean Stalin Penn and his one man tug boat - as over at A Western Heart, full of crap and all self-promotion.

shane van duren

I pay tax I want help NOW!

Ha Ha people think that their tax money goes into some slush fund that will save them when they are in the shit.
Oh and if you stay in New Orleans you will have to pay more tax to rebuild the government buildings that were blown away the new hospitals, new roads, new everything .

Let me tell you the story about the three little pigs the first little pig built his home on high ground in a sheltered valley with north facing glass and access to water, smart little piggy! the second little pig built his home on the top of the hill facing views to the south, exposed to the weather and cold in winter not such a smart little piggy! the third little pig built his home on a flood plain in a cyclone prone area. whose the silly little pig then.
Oh you want help ask Rita I hear she is on her way.

Shane Van Duren

Oh If I were you I would go to where the wharf used to be and get on one of those million dollar yachts that are still afloat and sail your ass home, chances are the owner will think it sunk in the storm and you will be a million dollars richer every cloud has a silver lining?

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