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-keith in mtn. view

OMG, he got hold of the purple micro-dot!


He ahsn't, either, visited Bnagladesh: it's taking off and how, much due to Graneen Bank and desitution is becoming a thing of the past and, ulike Oz, another key being it is turned to geuniely economic liberty and, even the politicians are attending to not expansion of govt. but something like common law to complement that and to, cutting govt. apparatus which gets in the way. Neville is a real loser of a tosser. His comparison would be Zimbabwe but, shite, Bush and the Reps. aren't commie savages - Neville has to save it up for what the U.S. would be reduced under his bum buddies the Democrats should they by some nasty accident win the presidency and majorities in Congress and Senate.

Yup, how young Neville ever managed to find his way out of the front door of the Loony bin is a real mystery. No, you're spot on C.B.,

`...under-funding of the state medical system gets beyond reproach. Patients that would normally be provided care and rehabilitation or management ...'
Sheer fucking cruelty to have tossed the little skunk out into the world of adults, cruelty against adults, a criminal offence they committed, the bastards.


Is it just me, or is that grade-A prime gibberish? I didn't understand any of that.


Serendipity, whenever I come to this site and see another article about the man I run into him at the local supermarket. From which you can infer very little of value, other than he is not a vegan. I saw him at the butchers.


Next time you run into him, give him this from me. "Screw you hippy!"

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