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If I was to read in the paper "All Big Brother organisers, contestants and watchers ever were killed in a freak accident." I'd go "Whaddaya know," and move onto the sports.


it's politics (or ANY serious subject, same effect) slipping into big brother, those two go together like milk and watermelons, or gun control activists and reason.


I didn't actually watch a single episode so can someone enlighten me as to all the main characters?


House full of over-sexed morons and one pathetic lefty journaljism graduate. Ended up as a two-way contest between twin rednecks and a SNAG commie. Unsurprisingly, the twin rednecks won. The commie's supporters were all agog, and there's nothing more debilitating to a socialist than being agog, I can tell you. The post above outlines the reaction from some of the loser's more strident supporters. I'd go so far as to call them stalkers. Don't we have laws against this?


How the fuck do they philosophise so much about something like Big Brother? Christ. Isn't that beneath them? That is so cool the rednecks won:-)

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