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Fucking brilliant effort, ably assisted by the accuracy of Kiwi gunners, who unfortunately don't exist any more thanks in no small effort to the recently karked and unlamented David Lange and his followers. Did you happen to catch the hatchet job on SBS last night about the ill-starred minefield laid in Phuoc Tuoy in '67? It glossed over the local NVA/VC cadres saying that if it had been done properly it would have totally fucked them, and it was sheer blind luck and a dud grenade that allowed VC sappers to lift part of the field. The topper was some turd at the end snorking on about an "unknown number of Vietnamese liberation fighters" who were croaked by the field or during mine lifting- the same freedom fighters who butchered village elders and their families if they didn't comply and stood over other peasants to extort food, cover and logistic support.
I hate fucking revisionist commies.

Lisa Gilliam

My dad was a Marine in Vietnam,and he always spoke highly of the Aussies.Now that I'm an adult I can see why.I've read about your exploits in various history books(the un pc kind)I've seen you all for the type of folks you are,tough,independent,and you now how to laugh as well as fight.I also thank you personally for what you did in WW2,Vietnam,and now in the GWOT.I can't wait to visit your country one day.


I heard something about the fact that the noise from our APC's was covered by the pissing down rain, and as a result the Viet Cong had no idea they were coming or where they were.


The ride of the Cav, just like the film script, in the last nick of time, but then you blokes had a rotten time traversing soaked, boggy country to get there. A fine point in that, fighting down the frustration, at the slow passage.

Considering a tank can be heard miles away, let alone an armour battalion, the noise of the rain must have been tremendous.For the inf., with the clamour of battle and the rain , how in the frig did they hear barked orders?

No finer tribute than the ex Brit.Army R.S.M's attached to D coy paid, `Here were conscripts, and I have had the honour to fight alongside them.' Closest, wouldn't you say, an R.S.M. came to weeping.

In the nick of time, the inf virtually out of ammo for effective fire, facing the unpleasant prospect of the enemy walking over the top of them, and, having pushed their charges though marsh and mire, the Cav rolled in.

No doubt about it, the grit of the officers, n.c.o.s and men both D coy and 1st APC who fought their way through one of the most terrific battles in the history of Australian arms, and won.Ranks as one of the great and terrific battles - certainly stands comparison with, for.e.g. Tobruk and El Alemain.
This chap doffed his lid out of humjble respect.

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