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Intellectual Gladiator

Apparently using the terms scum, idiots, vermin or even sub human filth is completely unacceptable to some when the desribing terrorists. Being sensitive to them and their cause seemingly takes precedence over this knee jerk populism.
Hopefully my contempt for many on the left on this issue is clearer than the nose on Michael Jackson's face.


I wasn't aware Jackson still had a nose. I've called worse people that have done less, i don't think those terms really apply to these animals that have no second thoughts about killing and maiming women and children. Screw political correctness, they should be lined up and shot, buried in an unmarked grave.

Brett Pee

London has now had it's predicted attack- they won't be back. But Blair will NOT pull U.K. troops out of Iraq and neither will Great Britain be turned into a Sharia state with its odious laws. Those bastards will NEVER win, never in a million fucking years.

These Islamic psychopaths missed a neat trick- they could have bombed the 'Live8' festival- thousands of people all gathered in one huge, open target. And they could have done us all a huge favour and planted their bomb on the stage when 'Velvet' Revolver' were on.....or Pete Doherty.


Good to see you grace my darkened halls again Brett. There are a plethora of other more suitable targets available. I was thinking outside 2 Dzerzhinsky Square or perhaps in the Eternal City Beiging. You know, somewhere that would really make an 'impact'.

Brett Pee

Looks like the bastards were 'British' themselves. Strapped their bombs into their rucksacks (Now where can a bloke get a decent rucksack in Perth ?) met at Kings Cross and seperated to meet their doom, along with 50 or so others. How do you defend against that ? One of them even played cricket- couldn't have been all that bad.

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