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Intellectual Gladiator

This is all just incredible. Not only did he do nothing except give assurances that he was against "the occupation" but Keyser Trad with the good Shiek by his side on tonights news called the rescuing of Doug Wood a stupid act that endangered lives.
One more thing. I think Douglas Wood is fucking legend. Nobody on this planet comes even close to him for someone I'd like to buy a beer for and chat with over a few schooners. Firstly upon being rescued declared "God Bless America" then sings Waltzing Matilda as he strolls out for his press conference.


I know. It was fucking great to see. I think the media vermin were a little surprised by his strength of character and his unequivocal ansers to their pithy questions.

"What do you think of your kidnappers?"
"Assholes!" That's gold.

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