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Intellectual Gladiator

He he he.
I think the Greens don't know whether they are Arthur or Martha. Their latest poll is a joke but I noticed the latest article on their site indicates the Greens are endorsing gay marriage. A quick flick to another one of their polls on that very subject returned the decisive result that the issue of gay marriage should be neutralised and that Labor was right to vote with Howard in the senate.
So if you're a member of the Greens you've got every reason to be scratching your dreadlocked head. The obvious way to conduct Greens policy is to put out a poll and get a result and then do the exact opposite. What fuckers!!!!

Pedro the Ignorant

We all know that the clowns who construct these GreenPolls are dickheads, but they have worked out (despite OD'ing the bong water) that the VRWC are fucking up their polls by flooding the "worst case" answer.
Don't provide a worst case answer, the fucking wimps.

David (Honourary Bastard) who fucked up the blocked IP of the last one, ball's in your court, mate.

Show the light to us proles, the Viet Cong battling the Green hegemony!

How do we blow them away?
P.S. Like CB, I am a petty, small minded man, I love this stuff!

Quentin George

Congrats CB, you got a nod in the dead-tree edition of today's Telegraph, page 27:

"Caught in a web of startling revelations"

by Malcolm Farr

"More than 80 per cent of the Greens believe the Government should keep asylum seekers in mandatory detention centres.

Well, that's one interpretation of a poll on the Greens web site, which is taking a startling detour from party policy."

Heh, heh...


Well done on the mention CB. Maintain the rage!

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