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Al Bundy

Yes, I've seen the 'Dragon's Breath' rounds. Not something I'd care to subject my barrel to. And solid slugs worry me a bit too - What if the the gat has too much choke on it?

Pedro the Ignorant

The rifle type sights look a bit strange on top of an 18" barrel.
12 gauge is an outstanding calibre for short range high impact fear inducing stuff, but you really don't need to aim it.
A ghost ring or laser spot would be better for day, and a xenon light boresighted would be ideal for dark rooms or night.

Sweet weapon. Pity we Aussie peons/serfs/slaves can never own one.

Bret Schaefr

Can anyone own this shot gun? Is it legal to own? if so, where can i get a good price on it?

pisssed off

rebecca peters any comments ok shees a commie anti gun CUNT IF I MAY she is the ani christ of firearms. my question is HOW DID THAT BITCH GET SO FAR-(other than lickin george soros nuts????? UN?



Just now at they have them for $699, outfitted as listed above. Porting?? I guess, but as a HD weapon it's not necessary to be that darn accurate at distances of less than 25 meters, especially with a shotgun. At night this will prove to be blinding from muzzle flash. For $699 I'll save myself the extra $200 and just purchase a Moss 590 or Rem 870 and accesorize it with the Knoxx "Spec Ops" stock. A much better stock than a standard M4/AR type stock.

Rebecca Peters ?? Her and Bill Maer would make for a great couple. They can both sit in thier dellusional bliss.

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