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You need to learn to spell


I've never heard of "infanteers"


So this means what to me exactly? That they don't exist? Moron. Try Google. And then don't come back here complaining about spelling errors.


*Complains about spelling errors*


Somedays it's hard to find good help. Somedays it's easier to just shoot the messenger.

Ko Kark

tally ho mother batches


It looks like someone needs to up their medication. Thank you for that witty quip. I, for one, and my site, am the better for it.


if it's not a fukin' handheld i don't giv a fuk b/c bush and his fukin gov r too involved with fukin war i only like sportguns not fukin killers with an assload of power


I'm sure that made sense in your tiny fucking mind before you wrote it. Alas, as soon as it hit the keyboard, it became drivel.


That is one fucking deadly piece of hardware. I'm a bit skeptic about crew-served weapons though, and i'm especially concerned about the 19.5 kgs of weight. It'd be a damn fine weapon if it weighted 15 kgs though.


Make it a bit more mobile and someone's a walking battle tank.


Come on fella's. Have you checked the weight of a Mk 19 40mm grenade launcher recently? Over 50 kg's. I'd say any lighter and the damn thing would shake itself to bits.


I think it looks damn wicked


Oh yeah, i forgot about the recoil. I wonder if this thing being used in fire teams will affect the XM28 OICW plans, or if it'll kill it off completely.


XM29, had a mental lapse up there


Do you mean the OCSW, or Objective Crew Served Weapon, and not ACSW?

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