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Jeez, that's nice. Pity our lords and masters have banned 'em here.

charles snider

Anyone know where I can purchase 20 gauge magazines for a Saiga shotgun? Looking for 2, 5 & 8 round capacity ones.



That is a cool ass weapon

s gray

Looking for 8 or 10 round clips for Saiga 410


Hi I am looking for some 8 round mags for my saiga 12 , anyone selling????



Jesse Pageant

Guys and Gals. The best place I have found is look on the left side of the screen click on the link for 'clips' and when that screen comes up enter 'Saiga' and you'll get a mess of clip offers. It's basically the firearms E-bay.


Greg E

If you want mags for any Saiga rifle or shotgun check out have 12ga(5rd) 20ga(5rd) and .410(4rd). For 12ga 8rd check ebay (but they aint cheap) and I have never seen a .410 mag for sale w/ greater than 4rd cap. Also look in the classified section at

terry barrett

i have just returned from the european shotgun championships in greece where people were shooting the saiga 12 gauge in open division... they had 11 round mags and there were rumous that there was a 21 shot mag !!!!
i am sure that in time there will be photos too show...


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