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Pedro the Ignorant

George Negus is as red as a baboon's bum, and has been for over 30 years.

He and the appalling liar McGeogh are two fellow travellers.
SBS generally, and Dateline in particular, are a waste of fucking electricity.


Those ex Saddam appointed minders know a lot about the will of the people so it saves going outside the Palestinian Hotel and talking to the traitors.


Lets see, who do we trust..
Paul McGeough a leading world class journalist with years of experience in the field... Or some disgruntled right-wing ex grunt blogger who hasnt even stepped foot in Iraq........
So what if Paul didnt roll out the witness to the alleged shooting of prisoners by the current PM.........
His track record of greed and nastiness is well documented.....................

The Australian Army with its limited battle exposure is full of nuts like you... Brainwashed for war, but never actually getting the cold hard dose of reality that war gives that brings most back down into the real world...
Instead youve been released back into the real world with your head still full of false ideoligical crap..


It's sort of endearing to get the truly stupid here.
"The Australian Army with its limited battle exposure"
Man, that's fucking priceless.


Well its quite true...
Just because they have troops over in Timor or on various other peace keeping operations dosent mean they really have been exposed to any kind of mid-high intensity warfare...
Sure the SAS have seen alot of action in the past few years, but any other unit serving OS has seen jack shit..
Those who pass through Kapooka are indoctrinated for war..
They are told that the other side are evil and basically trained to kill kill kill.. (this is what generally happens in any recruit training program around the world)...
Now those who go to war and see what really happens and the suffering inflicted on the innocent, quickly come to the realistation that what they had been led to believe in the Army, is just a load of shit....
Every side is told that they are the 'good guys' fighting the evil buggers, just so they will kill without question...
those who experience warfare understand that the last thing u can do is bring democracy and peace by bombing civilan areas (just like the US do)... and that Grunts cannot act as police...

However as in the case of the owner of this blog, you are shown a great example of what happens to those who get loaded up on the bullshit fed to them during their army training, but never actually get sent into a real war zone...
They end up leaving the army, with a head full of propaganda bullshit they had been fed during their career...
They havent seen the true reality of what guns and bombs do (except maybe when one of their mates accidently shoots his foot off) and they actually belive the whole "we are the good guys, they are bad" crap, and 'peace through superior fire power'................
These guys are deluded...........
Send someone like the owner of this blog over to a place like Iraq, and all his bravado goes out the window..
He either
1. Comes back in a body bag
2. Comes back and gets put straight into a psych hospital because he the reality of the situation was just too confronting and conflicted too much with his preconcieved schemas...
3. Ends up facing war crimes charges for putting rounds into civilans...

Places like the army really need to have counselling services for people like this bloger to attend before they are released back into the public.....
Someone who is actually foolish enough to belive that americans want true democracy for iraq, and that saddam caused more damage to his own people then the US have, really really need help and most of all shouldnt be allowed to handle firearms.


James. You make claims about my history of which you know nothing. Care to produce the evidence of what you claim? That I've never been anywhere or done anything?

They are your assertions. Back them up. Show us all how the ADF is engaging in psychological indoctrination over and above the normal military training process. The ADF has a corps of psychologists who's job it is to treat or manage service personnel's exposure to mentally traumatic incidents or situations. Your claims about the 'other sides' status in the eyes of the ADF is patent bullshit. Intelligence briefs outline a range of factors from current troop strengths through to an assessment of the political environment. The use of force is usually the last option. Pressure both political and economically are the normal tools of warfare. At no stage are soldiers told "X is evil, you must hate X" in some brainwashing technique. Soldiers, sailors and airmen are free to make their own decisions, and if at the end they believe that what they are doing is wrong, then they leave. See former LTCOL Andrew Wilkie for an example of what happens to former servicemen who don't believe in what they are doing.

Do YOU have any military experience? Have YOU seen the bodies lying in the streets? Have you seen children dying due to the incompetence of aid agencies and the UN? No? You're the one who is brain washed. Leap straight to the most outlandish conclusions, on the basis of no evidence. You probably read Webdiary and the IndyMedia right? Registered with Democratic Underground? Carried protest cards before?

Like to see you try this line on ANZAC day. You won't though, because you are a coward. Too scared to say it to real soldiers face to face. Chicken.


When did I ever claim that the ADF is engaging in indoctrination over and above normal levels???
It is NORMAL for high level psychological indoctrination to occur in almost all armies world wide...
Its not about making a fitter, stronger soldier (altough this does play a part)..
Its about destroying any sense of indvidiulism, so that the soldier will not try and think for himself..
When he is issued an order, he cant think about it, he just has to do it...
If that isnt brainwashing I dont know what is....
It is vital that soldiers are willing to carry out an order no matter what it is, if it is given...

Too scared to say it to the face of a soldier?
At least half of my platoon at Kapooka were against any Australian involvement in Iraq (that is before they completed the recruit course, a different story after)...
For many years I held views very similar to yours, but i was lucky enough not only to end my association with the miltary, but too also get a bit of an education...
I now study psychology and am constantly learning about how you guys are fed bullshit, and are made to retain it...

I dont know why i even bother trying to talk to someone so isolated within his little world, you would need many therapy sessions before a indent would even be made..
Think about it no stable man would have links to illegal weapons running down the side of his blog.


So on the basis that you couldn't finish basic training you now have extensive military experience? Studying psychology you are now learning about indoctrination processes. I wonder who's feeding you that line in university...of course impressionable young university students can't be influenced in attitudes or opinions at all. No sirree.

Did you in fact say it to one of your recruit instructors? Did you say 'Excuse me CPL, you are just a brainwashed ideologue that is incapable of independent thought and decision'. I bet they kicked you out on either a soft injury basis, and recommended that retention not in the the best interests of the Army. Either that or you quit because you found it too hard to cope with. You allegedly joined when the ADF was already in Iraq the second time around. I joined before the first Gulf War. I'd suggest you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

That's what I'd suggest, but because I'm a mindless drone, I'd just be repeating what my puppet masters tell me.

Pedro the Ignorant

Ahah! Now it all comes out, Jimbo, old bean.

Couldn't handle the pace at Camp Pooky, decided that you are waaaay smarter than the brainwashed NCO cretins attempting to teach you some military skills, shot through, signed up at the adult creche (aka "Youney") where they will all piss in your pocket, and now spend your time bagging better men who have made the grade and will protect your sorry arse when called on.

What a numpty.

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