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Ugly little beast.....still, at least a version of it comes in 7.62, which is a decent calibre.


Ah, I would like to buy one for the local 3-Gun competition.
It has some internal advantages over your average AR15.
Can't see many more features you might need.
Pity the XCR did not get it instead.


Yea it is a pity the XCR did not get it, but from what i understand they weren't really given a chance.
Ho well at least that give's us common folks a chance to own a really nice rifle. I doubt that we will get a chance to own a FN anytime soon as for the XCR i should be getting mine in JUNE/05. Hey if enough of us buy'em maybe the word will get out how good the gun is and get it a second look..happen for the AR.


XCR looks good in theory... will it ever ship?

FN is proven..

Robinson could not provide the equipment required to be included in the test. If they forget a blank firing adaptor for a GOV. test what else are they forgeting?

The FN and SIG 556 are in a different league than the vapor rifle that is the "XCR" "future firearms SOMEDAY"..

Grant Kirkwood

its ugly but it should be a great weapon

and fn is proven good choice over the xcr


i like it you should see the latest prototype for the fn scar light

i made an fn scar light out of a metal pipe bondo foam coat foam and a stock from an m8 wich i made to look like the fn scar lite stock and i made this fake gun the very exact weight of the real one and i put it up to my shoulder and holy $#!+ it has a great feel to it definitley perfect for shooting it is perfectly balanced to i know you might be thinking that mine is only fake but i make my guns very very accurate and i already love this firearm just becuase of a model


What they aren’t showing you about this weapon is that the operating rod and charging handle move together while being fired. This is fine when it doesn’t hit anything but during CQC situations or any time that you have to lean the weapon against something, like a wall to hold security down a hall, the weapon malfunctions when the charging handle hits the wall or whatever you’re leaning against. The same is true when laying on your left side and firing under a vehicle. Weapons should be as streamline as possible and not have a malfunction built into it’s design. Ask any professional shooter and they will tell you the same thing. This gun needs to have an independent charging handle that connects to the operating rod only when needed. Other guns already have this feature. Pictures and staged demonstrations will sell the gun to the military but I garauntee we will hear about this problem in the future.

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