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Jesus, Bastards - look at the other polls they have run! EG: "Do you think John Howard should: (a) offer an abject apology to every right-thinking Australian and resign; (b) immediately gas himself in a Commonwealth limo; or (c) both of the above".

This is the first one that seems to have offered a "non-Green" alternative. Silly buggers! Well spotted.


Ron Van Wegen

I couldn't find it yesterday and I looked so it's pretty much the same as if they pulled it. I'll go there now though...


Worthless hippies. Too much toking and freckle poking, I think. It got to 86% in favour of sending the entire ADF this PM when they pulled it. Shows how happy the little spankers are with anyone who disagrees with their pathetic views.

Love the way they are making sure that it never happens again too.

I am not normally this angry, but as a taxpayer, my dollars go to these worthless cretins - and I have just had a look thru their past poll questions. Sheesh!



Et Tu

You act as if an online poll is immune from being manipulated by wingnuts such as thee.

I see you're enamoured of creating your own 'news.' Fudge the poll- then blog it as some sort of 'proof' that everyone agrees with you.

When 85% of the poll respondents come from the same IP address, it's time to delete the poll.


Hey folks, we got a live one here. Rigging an online poll set up by the Greens is an exercise in mental masturbation, I agree. Although saying with impunity that 85% of poll votes came from the same IP, and therefore should be deleted, is fatuous and demeaning to all those people who actually did vote just once. Unless you are the Australian Greens web site manager, which you may well be, seeing as a trace of your IP leads to an Australian capital city. If you are, then you are a fucking idiot for creating such biased tripe in the first place. And if you are not, well, let's just say that thee appears to protesteth too much Brutus.
The only sense of victory I enjoyed was knowing that anytime the Greens put the drivel up for the world to see, I attempt to raise their profile so the mainstream can see just how fucking crazy this political party is.
Like weeds exposed to the full sun, eventually they will wither and die. It's just a matter of when, not if.


I note that the poll URL requires a login for 'members only'.

If this is supposed to be an internal party poll - what was the point? Tofu gobbling hippies drooling their soy milk over whose workday to ruin with their insipid self-righteous protests are natural cowards. Their 'logic' is that they won't fight; so, it must be right; so, the rest of us must be wrong if we agree to fight a war or support those that do.

Pastel wussies. If they want a true poll, hire someone who knows how to do it - someone other than Hillary Klinton's pollster, for example. That sow actually said that women in public office are less corrupt - same tactic - IIIIII'm not really corrupt because women generally are. Greens: I'm not really a yellow bellied coward because 'people of conscious' oppose war.

Hillary - what about Lucretia Borgia, Erzabet Bathory of Hungary, Evita Peron, or Hillary?

Greens - what about WW II? Would you all rather be speaking Japanese? What do you think the ultimate goal of the terrorist clique is?

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