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Pedro the Ignorant


30 years after his death (Feb1974), John Cantius Garand's design is receiving the recognition it always deserved.

A no nonsense rugged design concept that should never have been allowed to fade away. Picatinny rails and modern construction should ensure a long life for the old girl.


Obviously pure fuctionality was the priority here,

Because as fabulous as it may be, that is the ugliest fucking bullet chucker I have ever seen.

I still want one though.


I want one of these too!!!!! Don't care what it looks like, as long as it does the job.


All American 7.62mm NATO Range, Power and Accuracy.
I love it! It handles like a dream and is very, very accurate.
The SAGE stock is made for the Bush/Scout length rifle.
It is as mean and as solid as it looks.
Stay tuned, I have a few more mod's planned for this rifle.


More mods? Gads man, are you insane?


I own one of these,it is a bad ass toy.A little on the heavy side but it looks and feels better in hand and on target.Serious bullet slinger shortened the barrel to 18" and put a Smith flash hider on it with a grove in it for a snap on suppressor.OH YEAH! I'm getting wood just typing this.


Quote CB: "More mods? Gads man, are you insane?"

My M1A Scout Squad EBR project is finished.
Visit my web site for the story and pictures.

Happy New Year ya Bastards!

BigGun Bob


The SAGE stock is available for both the full size M1A/M14 as well as the Bush and Scout models.

And much of the info above is either incorrect or misquoted from other sources.

I will tell SunRise420 (the actual owner of the rifle pictured above) that you were interested enough to borrow material from him and other sources.


Hi BigGun Bob,

You are correct any M14 based action; SOCOM, Scout/Bush or Standard should fit in a SAGE.
The information with the picture on this page is a little mixed up - - - No problem.
I have correct, up to date information on my web site.
I invite all to click on the little blue SR420 below and have a look.

Thanks ~

SR420 aka SunRise420


Apologies for delay in replying. If I borrowed information inappropriately, I apologise. I am merely interested in various interesting weapons, and your fine example struck me as individual and unique. I will link to your page in a better fashion shortly. Thanks for dropping in.


CB, you did nothing inappropriate, no apology needed.
I was happy to find a picture of my EBR on your site.

My rifle has recently changed a great deal and no longer exists in the configuration pictured above. Help youself to any of the new images on my web pages.

I'm glad I found your web site. -- Rock On!



I was just wondering what the Sage stock is made of. I have a Springfield M1A and I'd like to make it a bit more up to date.



At a guess i would say industrial poly-carbonate. Perhaps the previous commenter could assist here?


The SAGE is made of a light weight Aluminum alloy.
My M1A Scout pictured above weighs in @ just under 15 pounds in full dress. My new (not pictured here) NAVY gray stock is lighter and weighs in @ about 12 pounds with a loaded 20 round mag and the EOTech optic in place.

TROY will debut a drop-in stock (the M.S.S.) @ The Shot Show later this month. It is said to be made of Titanium...$$$

My advice: Don't buy one until they are evaluated side by side.


The M1A/M14 in it shortest incarnation (the original Smith Enterprises EBR) is a lightweight 7.62 weapon with excellent iron sights and the lowest overall weight of any proven fieldable 7.62 individual weapon.Adding several pounds of "Fool Stuffing" to this weapon is idiotic and until they can use some of this modern technology to come up with a picatinny rail mounting system and collapsible stock that will not add several pounds to the weight of the weapon I'll abstain from "queering up" my duty weapon with anything more than a Harris Bipod and decent a scope on one of Dick Swan's tried and tested mounts.

Who needs a 15lb "Crew Served" Carbine?


The M14 EBR and the SEI Crazy Horse M14 rifles have quickly become
the weapons of choice for U.S. military DMR and Sniper applications.

Cut and paste URL below to see what I'm talking about.

Long live the M14.

mike schulte

I have one of these EBR's and I love it. It is stable, convient, easy to mount weapon accessories to, and best of all it makes one of my faverite rifle's look like the worst fuckin nite mare that an intruder/terriorest/badguy ever had. It was worth every penny ($699.00) and I recomend one to any one with a M1A1 or M14 sitting in there gun cabinet. I look forward to seeing what Sage international comes up with next.


I had a heavy hand in the Sage stock design - first time I have chimed in anywhere on-line. It is evoking the sorts of reactions I had looked for. I enjoy reading all comments. I know it is a bit chunky but compares to a Thompson for weight (never heard of a GI dissing that pistol cal. SMG in WWII) and shoots a battle rifle cartridge. I also coined the term Chopmod (was also engineer on SODMOD). Party On.




socomfused, I emailed you some shopping information.

Take a look at this SEI M1A Scout EBR :)


One year later.

My Sage International M1A Scout EBR pictured above
has been converted into a full-blown MK14 SEI SAUSS.

Click on the SR420 below to see the military upgrades.


That is now an incredible looking piece of artistry. Congratulations on your fine work.


Funny how this "inferior" and "obsolete" favorite of mine is all of a sudden the hottest thing goin'. In your face M16 lovers!!! Semper Fi !!

Dr. E. Scientist, phD.

Christ, I'm drooling. I wonder if I can sneak this one purchase past the In-Home Accountantâ„¢

Call it a "Soffit Ventilating Tool" (we're remodeling) or some such.


If you guys are really interested in the EBR
I can provide you with some more up to date
shots of fresh off the assembly stocks,
have you seen the CQV EBR?

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