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I want one!!!!!!


Carbine, 100 round mag... I want one too and, defintely the goods for soldiers - after all, which would a digger prefer, 100 rounds stuck up the gut of an indestructible machine or a 30 round piece of plastic crap the steyr rifle.

Kelvin Jones

where could i purchase the g36c from?


At a guess, I would say a reputable black market arms dealer. Failing that, take over a failed nation state and put in an arms order with HK USA, and make sure your military junta is friendly to the US diplomatic aims, otherwise the Congress will never approve the sale.


Somehow the FAMAS and its variants are more to my taste. If one of them would suit you, just take the previous advice but substitute "France" for "USA" throughout.


Oh, I don't know about that. France would sell you one if you asked nicely and had the cahs. It's not like they have any scuples about who they sell weaponry to. 2003 French missiles in Iraq anyone?


There's no inconsistency there. All that means is that at the moment it is in the French diplomatic interest to be more flexible in these matters. That is one of the reasons I mentioned them as a possible source.

The other way to go is to make a cheap knock off. It shouldn't be hard if you can get hold of the skills, particularly quality control. But it is practically impossible without them.


The HK G36C Carbine could use the Rifle Ballstock (


I want one.
Do you known somebody who can sell me one and send it in france(place where i'am living for the moment)


Eh, you can't exactly fedex it. you have to buy it yourself at a licensed dealer, and i don't even think you're allowed to have this kind of weapon in France.


Mate, I wasn't even going dignify that with a response. If morons think that a random comment on a personal diary site is going to lead a military assault rifle turning up in the post, then I'm glad they are in Francistan and not near me. My brain hurts trying to comprehend the stupidity of some of my commenters. Still, it gives me a small amount of amusement, my only concern is they may be breeding and drowning in the shallow end of the gene pool.


didn't thought of that, good point.


Esta guapisisisisisima!!!!!


Yo tambien quiero una! Buaaaa!!!


Didn't think i'd see a comment in spanish here if it didn't come from me.


Man the HK G36C is the most awsome weapon ever. I personaly live in Kanucistan (known simply as Canada to every teorrist on earth). I am going to have to find me one of those reputable arms dealers ;-) I am of course kidding and probably drowning in that shallow end, but man that G36C would make a nice toy to take to the firing range (or deer hunting if you prefer that).



what is that G36c worth?


around 600USD in Saudi Arabia and UAE (which is 6-7 times more expansive than a genuine Russian Ak47 there), you can buy them legal. if you really want it buy it in middle east and fedex all the parts to where you live (not the same address through).

it's like, send a few parts to your neighbours house etc.


My department began purchasing these in 2002 to replace our well worn AR-15 units. The G36 is a simple to operate/maintain weapon system and is extremely accurate. The rifle blows away any AR-15/M-16 weapon system currently available to LEO or Military. I am surprised that so few domestic Law Enforcement Departments currently utilized this weapon.


Dude a .223 for deer hunting? thats just plain stupid.


I have one, but then I live in Indiana, USA. It a great "firearms owner" state.


Posted by: john | Sunday, September 03, 2006 at 12:40 AM

I have one, but then I live in Indiana, USA. It a great "firearms owner" state.

I know this is YEARS after this post started but on the small chance that John is still around, I'm from Indy too, just wondering how you came about a g36c

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