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-keith in mtn. view

That's a big gun for a carry piece! I'm particularly enamored of the Para Ordnance Warthog lately:


What do you want with hand-guns? Aren't they designed to kill people?


Yes they are. Do you have a point?


Again, what do you want with hand-guns?
Are you in the armed forces, the police force or do you work for a security company?
Your post seems to be an advertisement. Do you sell guns for a living? I'm just trying to understand the post more than anything.


You are trying to understand the post? As some people are interested in say, photography and the weather, I enjoy researching weaponry, and principally hand guns. I have a professional interest, as it is directly job related for me. Others come here to find out about new or interesting firearms. I find it intersting that your initial comment was guised as a query, and yet rhetorical, and now you say you are 'trying to understand'. Of course firearms can kill people. So can knives, cars, bottles of bleach, wasps and lightning.
More people die in Australia each year from medico incompetence or "professional malpractice" than almost all other sources of death combined. In fact you are close to 500 times more likely to be killed by a GP accidentally than deliberately murdered with a registered or illegal firearm in Australia in any given year. I say we should ban doctors, or get licenced to use them.


That may be, but the primary purpose of hand-guns is to kill, maim or wound people. It's damn lucky they are heavily regulated, otherwise the statistics might tell a different story.

But hey, you said it's directly job related for you, and that's good enough for me. Otherwise, I don't see the point of ordinary civilians taking interest in hand-guns.


Hello Whittler. I'm sure you'd be glad to know that citizens in almost every state can carry a concealed handgun with a $15 permit.

While you're contemplating that, feel free to go and have gay sex.

citizen x

I had to laugh at Whittler's comments.
Hey Whittler, I'm all for keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals, let's start with typwriters.
So only the Police and Military should have guns?
It's the ignorance of people like you that allow police state governments to continually take citizen's guns away as a prelude to dictatorship.
Read a little history for once in your life.

Citizen X


Firearms are to protect the lifes of your loved ones and yourself. Much like the seatbelt protects you from dieing in a car accident, the handgun can keep your wife or daughter from being gang raped, or your son from being kidnapped. The hand gun will make a criminal think twice about trying to rob that store again. The handgun will make a carjackers heart skip a beat, as well as stop a violent murderer from shooting both your parents in a resuraunt at noon after he has aready shot half the people eating lunch.

This stuff happens everyday. The people you are suggesting not own guns just might save your ass one day, so keep yourself dumb, but dont go on the evening news and pleed for the capture of the person who just stuck a snubnose revolver in your boyfriends belly spilling his guts all over the sidewalk just to take your 15 dollars from your purse.


It's always amazes me how people who do not believe in owning guns always find their way to gun related sites to just stir @#$%.

This country was founded on peoples rights to defend themselves(bear arms for the those who don't understand my post), practice their religion free of persecution and basically provide themselves and their families with a quality life free of government control.

Yet, these people would have us regulated and censured until we can own or do nothing. Welcome to the United States of the Offended. Seems like you can do anything you want anymore, just as long as you don't want to own a gun or believe in God. Allah(spelling?) is OK, just not Jesus.

Sorry for the rant, this just really bugged for some reason


Isn't it amazing how everything about firearms ends up in this kind of argument? Anyway, heres my $0.2.

A firearm is just a tool, it doesn't think for itself. What it is used for depends on the person in possession of said tool. The person in possession could be Joe Law Abiding Citizen, on the bad side of town in the middle of the night, children and wife in tow, with a broken down car and several thugs approaching. Or, the person could be said thug, with intent to kill Joe, rape his wife, sell his children into slavery in South Africa (or wherever it may be), and spend his wallet on all matter of vices.

I say, its not about controlling the firearms so much as controlling who uses them for what. Keep in mind, Mr. Thug can easily acquire firearms on the black market, while Joe Citizen will have to jump though hoops to get a firearm for defense against said thug legally (thanks to gun control).

Yes, certain types of firearms should be regulated/banned(to the general public), such as suppressors and full autos. However, I will stop here for the sake of brevity.

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