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The baby .410 would be a good mover in Melbourne at the moment.


That is one neat `hand cannon'. I'll have one too.

Brett Pee

We don't need pieces like that in Perth- mebbe in Melbourne, definitely in Sydney. But if some bastard enters my place in the middle of the night i won't be thinking twice about blasting their brains out with an illegally owned shotgun.

irving finkle

is it legal to fedex them into AUS from the US, cuz the store up the road has two of them. one is the 45/410 and i think the other is a 357. they're about $400 USD.

mary guill

i would like to know about the engraving


Hey there down under.

My names Jesse, and I live here in Seattle, State of Washington, USA

Got a good buddy who just bought one of these Hand Cannons, and he love's the thing. It is a very heavy little bastard, but the machining and finish are way better than the American Derringer Company's.

He has only had to pull it once,on a Big black snake,
six feet,300 pounds, guy wanted his car ?
Didn't get it either !

I served in the Navy back in '84, and visited Perth/Fremantle and Sydney, had a ass kickin' good time on your west coast, but Sydney was too much like my own fucked up America, lot's of freaks and fairies.

Anyhow I live in a pretty dangerous neighborhood and carry either my Ruger Sp101 .357 MAG or my cute little Berretta Bobcat .22 semi-auto, with Stinger hollow points, never know when a snake may crawl onto your path.

Love to talk guns and beer with you blokes.

Jesse F

Un-united States of fucking America


i have a 22lr. derringer and was wondering if i could buy differnt barrels say a 45/410 or a 38. or anything bigger would it fit?? thanks


Has anybody here fired one of those? how mean is the recoil and how accurate is this thing?

Richard Wagner

Reply to Lguy. I have fired my 410 Bond several times at 8-10 ft. Don't know how many meters that is, but the pattern of 3 slugs would fit inside a large dinner plate. Was totally amazed at 'tightness'.

Mark Garcia


Mark Garcia

Jesse, barrels are not interchangeable on these.

Myron D. Daniels

I have the texas defender 45/410 . I was very suprized of the accurcy and the kick.Very unique lil pistol

2nd amendment rights

I think I'd go for .44 mag in this model...any lesser caliber can be had in a glock or taurus, and you only have 2 shots, so they gotta count...a .410 slug = .357mag ...

Danny Combs

I own the 45LC/.410 , 3.5 inch barrel. I love this little snake charmer, heavy but what do you expect for a 2 shot larger cal. pistol that will fit in your back pocket. I never leave home without it..Indiana

Jake Jacob

I like to shoot the Bond Arms derringer. I thought that it would be a good one to carry (easy to do in Florida, USA with proper permit)

I chose not to go with the 410/45 Long Colt
I opted for the 45ACP. It shoots Hard Ball (military) rounds very well and without a huge recoil. It is accurate out to 15 meters. I dont see this little one being a long lange shooter. The cal 45 gets the job done.

I also bought a 38 cal Special. Since I do my own reloading I was able to make shot shells using CCI's plastic hollow bullets. They look like wad cutters, just made of translucent plastic. I just fill them with #7 1/2 bird shot and then load them as a regular bullet. I now have a snake or close in scatter shot capability. It is a very mild recoil and a close in scatter round.

All in all I am very pleased with the Bond Arms Company. They have been most helpful when I called the company with a few very routine questions. The quality of the pistol is fine and that 'rascal' just fits right in my hand

If you are looking for a quality short range pistol with the flexibility of interchangable barrels, give Bond Arms a good look. If you can swing a second barrel, get one for giggles. I don't think that you will have too much difficulty to find one in your local sports shop

Good shooting

chris woodard

i have a gun that looks just like this but marked texas arms it shoots 357/38 is it the same gun


"Derringer" style handguns have been manufactured since the time of the American civil war and those calibers are common, so that's not really a good clue since there are plenty of clones.

Texas Arms

To JAKE JACOB. I recommend contacting Bond Arms. I believe the item you have may be marked with the name of the company before they incorporated as Bond.


I used to own one of those double barrel 357s.. a canon indeed. it would fire .357 & .38 bullets! very tight and powerful blast... the sound of the gun alone would scare the devil himself. LOL

red xs

I have the century 2000 with the extended grips, the .410 000 3inch works very well, and maintains a tight pattern out to 7 yds, the 45 colt round didnt make me giggle, but the .410 did. I carry this for my deep cover stuff. If carried right it's invisable, and makes one hell of a boom when aimed at you, recoil is no joke, but when you need it, I doubt you'll think about the recoil, just remember to cock it for the second shot, reload, reload


Darn fine gun. Best quality ever. Kicks hard, but manageable. Not really pleasant to shoot for fun. Will hit fine at 7 yards. Gotta find where yours hits though.



jesse calhoun

how much does it cost?

H. Malcolm Paul

I want one and now I got to have one. I want the 45 LC and .410 I held one at Sportsmans Warehouse here in Albuquerque as well as having the absolute correct amount of weight, it feels wonderful in the palm of your/my hand.

MY next gun

Ken Kramlich

WARNING!!!! I bought a Texas Defender 357 mag a few years ago. Its a nice Derringer, but support from the company stinks, its non-existant. I've called and emailed Bond Arms several times with no response. My Texas Defender safety broke in half. Now I have a 5/16" hole through my Derringer.

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