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More like a nice bastard remover! HA HA HA HA HA HA! God damnit I'm funny. Cheify the Cowardly Namecalling Pigfucking Coward, you are my inferior at what you do best, and I am your supierior at what I do worst. God, I'm better than you.


It really must give you the shits to realise that you were born a fuckwit, and there's absolutely nothing you can do but kill yourself to fix the problem.

Brett Pee

Surely you can suggest mant differing ways of killing yourself?


Indeed I can. However, seeing as it is such a personal accomplishment, I would prefer that the killee be inventive and think of new and exciting ways to shuffle off this mortal coil. I would suggest in the case of The Gay Flambe' that they should investigate the uses of lab rats, strong glue and some 2" diameter PVC piping. Just a suggestion, could be helpful.

Mike Jericho

I wouldn't waste a bullet on Tobias. I'd be too worried to get his blood on me, to be honest.

Just snap his neck like a chicken, Chief.


We siezed one of those modified commando .303s at Customs parcels post years ago- took it out to the AFP range and the loudest noise was the firing pin going home. lost a lot of muzzle velocity through the silencer though. I've got a CO2 powered pump-action .22 which is a good urban critter silencer.


Must get a CO2 powered pump-action .22: I'm fed up to the gills with bloody possums. Smell, disease infested crap bags that they are.

I have in view a scinece expeirment for Tobias, send him off to the moon and, when the module lands on the surface, boot him out the door without breathing apparatus and helmet. No suit on at all.

Or, saving time and taxpayers money, just do the same but kick him out from the cargo hold of a space-shuttle.

Justification: to observe what in theory should happen when a bit of village poo steps out into space with no suit on.

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