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The Vintorez is capable of killing a live target with no body armour at 600m. My guess is the bullet would enter the skull but not exit like a .22 at close range, the bullet would simply bounce off the inside of the skull continuously.


The down side with the APS is it suffers "wear and tear" when discharged out of water.


"It is sort of funny how the russians have developed weapons that are capable of things the americans haven't yet come close to concieving..."
Just thought I would comment on this. Are you speaking of hand weapons only? The U.S. has bombs that can hit a target with 4 feet from 30,000ft in the air. 4ft sounds like a lot, but not when you add in the 500lb bomb that's being dropped. i've seen the file footage. Snipers wouldn't stand a chance, especially since military aircraft are equipped with FLIR (forward looking infrared)


You would not have to "buy" the ammo, but having a reloading capability would be required. You could "neck" out your own brass 7.62 x 39 rounds and then buy or cast your own bullets to go in it an work up the powder charges you would need.

AK owner

Actually - reduce the magazine capacity to seven and it is legal here in New Zealand. Got to load your own ammo - but that's no big deal.Wahoo and all that sort of thing.

AK owner

Oops - forgot about the go switch.Remove the selective fire capabilty and it would be legal.Ha Ha Ha....that was a slight oversight on my behalf. And if you can't get one well then just "Whisper" your standard civilan AK (Type 56s etc).Still...if I am a very good boy Santa might leave a Vinty in my Christmas stocking.


During the bombing of Kosovo the Russians used this rifle to kill dogs at night to prevent the spread of rabies. I was a medic on a Special Forces A team operating in the area, and my good friend Andrea Illiarnof would come to me, and tell me to keep our dog inside the nights they would go out. Our pup was vacinated, but he later died, because he ate some rat poison. He blead to death on a day we had some SF general come in to check on us. We were attached to a Rusian Rasviet "airborn recon unit" and our team SGT, found it more important for me to stand and listen to this man talk than to let me take care of our pup. That fucker did not realize that the boys had come to me and told me the pup was on the way out, and they would judge our reactions as to how we would care for them when death came knocking. I did every thing I could when I got out of that stupid meeting to save the mutt, because they had all been watching and im sure some of them put themselfs in the dogs place. This is the way doc is going to treat us if we are on deaths door. Its veins were flat I had nothing. I did a veinous cut down and got fluids in it. I saw a grown man cry over a dog that day, and It did not seem as if the boys lost faith in me so much as they did our team SGT. The pup needed vitamin K for warfin poison, and it needed fluids right away not 2 hrs after the brass had left. I was later threatened with court martial in Vietnam if I rendered aid to a local girl that was digging our holes for us. I ignored the captain, and the Vietnamiese officials, and they finally stood behind me when I got her breathing again. We took her to a local hospital "social health care" we had to bribe the Drs cash to take her.
Nobama, and Kosovo belongs to Serbia. Ill take any comments at [email protected] out.

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