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Mike Jericho

I want.


I think Italy appears to have some technical dominance in the shotgun stakes. I noticed Franchi's latest model in the SPAS series:


I want one also, and sod the fucking gun laws.


I just got one of these beauties. Shot it for the first time on Saturday. Very quick second shot. Low recoil W/ OO & Slug. Anybody looking for a Wingmaster?
Make sure to get the 11707 model! You can buy the Telestock for it.
Trying to find the Telestock? Help anybody?


I want to try one of these out to see if the recoil is less than that on my hard hitting HK/Benelli M1 super 90.

I do like the new optic rail, sights and adjustable buttstock.


That's it, I'm moving to the States.


Got to try one out at an Armorer's class. Took it apart, met the original builders. One word......AWESOME!!! Eventually I'll buy one too.


with one round in the chamber and seven in the tube, you can get off all eight shots before the first casing hits the deck... not that you'd ever really need that, but it is nice to know you can drop some bitches quick if you really need to.

This weapon system is unbelievable.

Pistol Pete

I've got the M1 Super 90. It's accurate as all hell with slugs, but it kicks like a bitch, and won't eat any of the reduced recoil loads. What I'm curious about is if the M4 will function with the Reduced Recoil loads, especially when an electronic sighting system is mounted on the top rail? Can anyone help me out on this?

Jim Truitt

I recently bought an M4 and have fired only about 50 rounds through it so far. Some of my observations: I previously owned an M1 tactical, full tube, and it is a great weapon. I felt the M1 was probably the best shotgun out there not only for fast cycling, but also light weight and the ability to switch out a round in the chamber with the tube loaded. Try that with a Remington. You can load it with nine rounds and you have significant firepower at close range. And you can unleash that power very fast and accurately if need be.

The M1 would cycle the older (no longer produced) Remington 9 pellet reduced recoil 00 buck (RR12-00BK, black colored hull), but will not reliably cycle the currently produced Remington 8 pellet reduced recoil 00 buck (RR12BK8-00, green colored hull). Go figure.

That's why I sold the M1 and bought an M4. It will cycle the 8 pellet reduced recoil and most anything else. I have fired Federal Gold Medal Target loads (T116-8), #8 shot in the M4. This load does have max powder charge however, so I'm not sure it is a good representation of a light load. In a couple of weeks I'll be firing some Remington Gun Club Target Loads (GC12L8), #8 shot. This load has a lighter powder charge so it should be a good test for cycling lighter loads. I have no doubt the M4 will cycle that round. I will try to get some other light loads before I shoot and I'll report back on functionality.

The M1 showed very little powder residue even after 50 or more rounds. The M4 does collect more powder residue because of the gas system, but the manual states it requires infrequent cleaning. I don't know about fouling because I keep my weapons pretty clean regardless. With heavier loads, like 00 buck magnum or deer slugs, the M1 recoils pretty good. I think the M4 recoil is a bit lighter , maybe not quite as abrupt in recoil. Good accuracy with slugs just like the M1.

The M1 tactical, with its full length magazine tube, holds 7 in the tube and one in the chamber. Those of you familiar with Benellis know you can carefully load an extra round on top of the shell carrier when the magazine is full, then hand load a round in the chamber, for a total of 9 rounds. The M4 full length tube holds only 6 rounds, probably a result of the fixed tube support (like the Remington) at the end of the barrel. This gives you a total of 7 or 8 rounds. One round short of the M1, but still not bad. The M1 will cycle some lighter shot loads - I think a lot has to do with the powder charge more than the shot size, and the powder charge doesn't always have to be 3 drams to assure functioning. It is still versatile, but now the M4 takes the guess work out of cycling concerns. But that comes at a steep purchase price. The M1 is being replaced by the new M2, so prices on a used M1 may come down. The M1 is still a great weapon and if you shoot standard loads I doubt you will have any problems. I needed a weapon that could cycle the reduced recoil loads, so I sprung the extra money for the M4. I now think the M4 is the best shotgun, beating out the M1 only because it will cycle many more different loads reliably. If you don't care about firing reduced recoil loads, buy the M1. With the $1400.00 price of the M4, the M1 is the better value, in my opinion.

Jim Truitt

As a follow-up to my March 14 post, I shot my M4 extensively this past weekend. It functioned reliably with everything from slugs and reduced recoil 00 buck down to Remington Gun Club target loads (1+1/8 oz. #8 shot, 2+3/4 dram powder).

I did shoot an even lighter load - Remington Premier STS Target, 1 oz. #8+1/2 shot, 2+3/4 dram powder charge. That load would not cycle reliably. I found that with that load you really had to concentrate on leaning into the gun to brace solidly against the light recoil. Without the extra bracing, the Premier load would not cycle reliably. I guess the 1/2 oz. difference in the shot weight made all the difference in reliability.

The Premier STS Target load is a very light load and would be about useless in a tactical situation anyway, so its failure to function is of little consequence. As far as recoil, I think the M4 is a bit lighter than the M1.

Bruce Buchanan

Just purchased a Benelli 20 GA M1 Super 90 slug gun. Mounted a Nikon Monarch shotgun scope and took it to the range to sight it in. Ouch! 4-5" groups at 50 yards and 9-10' at 100. Used Horady SST sabot which is supposed to be a pretty accurate round. Trigger creep is pretty bad...any experience doing a trigger job on this gun? Any ideas on the accuracy problem. Not the most accurate shooter in the world, but have no trouble holding sub 1" groups in my accurized rifles. Any help would be appreciated.


benelli m4 shot gun how long to get one in san diego

Chris Heck

How does this this pattern at 40 YDS? I am thinking about using this as a turkey gun. Short barrel, colapsable stock, perfect for turkey hunting. Anyone have an opinion?


I own two Benelli M1 tactical shotguns. Both have 20" barrels, and both have the H&K import stamp. One M1 has the extended LE tube. This particular shotgun has a straight barrel, ie, it doesn't balloon out at the end to accept choke tubes. My other M1 has a barrel that balloons out at the end and accepts choke tubes. I have never fired either one of these shotguns. Several questions, please.
1) When did Benelli go to the ballooned out choke tube end?
2) Is it still possible to purchase the straight 20" barrels, ie, those without the choke tube end?
3) What, exactly, is the difference between the M1 and the M2. In pictures, they look the same to me?
4) Finally, has anyone got any information on the "new" M4 that is available to police departments only? A retired police buddy of mine cannot even get one with his police badge and ID. He says this version of the M4 is new and has just come out.

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