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this gun is very accurate reliable and easy to maintain i have 1 in 9mm para and i love it i wood recomend it for beginners and experienced alike


I love my Baby Eagle. I have a .40 Caliber with the 4.75" barrel and can easily plot a full magazine worth of rounds within a 4 inch grouping at 25 feet. This thing is spot-on accurate. I wish I had this as a sidearm when I was in the Marine Corps!


I have been so pleased with the .45 Baby Eagle that I have to speak its praises to everyone. Comfortable, accurate, smooth SA trigger, built like a brick shoothouse and ECONOMICAL, never a misfeed in over a 1000 rounds.

What more do ya want.


Yes, I own the .45 Baby eagle, I love it to death, I've put about 1000 rounds through it, never had a single problem, ever. It's a mean gun and very accurate,

Anyone know where I can get some mother of pearl grips for it? Email me! :-)

They may be able to help.


I just purchased a 9mm baby eagle semi-compact. I've only got about 200 rounds through it so far, so I can't write a whole lot about it, but in those 200 rounds there wasn't one jam. I was very impressed with the whole gun, reliability, accuracy, smoothness, everything is very nice. Fit and finish is second to none in my opinion. I'll be the first to admit that I am a novice shooter, although I have shot many handguns, i don't have that many rounds through them. However, I think I can reasonably say that this probably the nicest gun that I have shot, right next to the hi-power. I'd recommend it to anybody, it was well worth the $450 i paid for it, and I think i would need to almost double that price to find a gun that is just as nice or better.


I have a 9mm baby eagle and Im looking for grips in other colors other than wood and black. Does anyone know where I can find any?

Pavel Vaysberg

The best gun ever!!!
Lots of fun!!!


I have a B.E. .45acp and it is good and accurate. It does not like many HPs or FN projectiles though. RN and Golden Saber HP function well. It has the Polygonal barrel and is So accurate it is boring. Handles stout loads & +P ammo better than my 1911 (handles the recoil better).


I too have a Baby Eagle .45acp. Love it but cannot find any accessories. In particular I would like some aftermarket grips. Does anyone know where to find either wood or rubber grips for it? Springs or rods? Some heavier mag springs would be nice too! Thanks!


.40 cal full size baby eagle (JERICHO - to the israelis) This is a damn fine weapon - shoots better than HK USP, Glock, and my 1911. I take it to the local indoor public/police range and always get comments on my groups (or just a slackjawed look from the cops). I barely even have to try and it hits spot on everytime. Rapid fire at 25 meters and the target is riddled with holes. 15 meters and you can shoot a hostage-taker in the side of their forehead EASILY. Not to mention that you could beat someone senseless with it and not worry about it breaking. :) Love the pistol, swear my life by it and cannot wait to buy another!


i have an eagle i 45 acp compact it is marked desert eagle not baby eagle what is the difference


I too have a baby eagle .45 and trust my life to it. I carry it on a daily basis and have fired more than 1500 rounds with it only jamming up on one mag, and after pounding the mag flat with a hammer and purchasing two new ones, never had another problem. Keep your Glocks, I'll take my "Baby"!


" Keep your Glocks " My 13 + 1 Glock 21 .45 Auto is a keeper, I like it so much I purchased a second one :-)

jason levine

I have the B.E. full size unit in 40 s&w, bad ass pistol, no 1 jam in about 4000 rounds

Bill Blair

I am thinking about getting a baby eagle in 45acp.. any thoughts?

Robert B

I have the baby eagle .45 and have had nothing but trouble with it. It has been back to magnum arms twice already. This time new slide lock and barrel replaced after multiple misfeeds, 40 on 100 rounds of winchester ball ammo. Total of 300 rounds through the gun and these are the issues I have had. Now when the gun works I can get a grouping into 3 inches. I seem to be the only one with issues according to the gun shop, but this is getting old. I am thinking I should have bought a Kimber.

Robert B


No grips for the baby eagle .45 or.40. None of the grip makers will make them for it. Not enough guns in production. I have called them all directly including magmum, same answer.

Gabriel Issa

this is the first pistol i have purchased and i a very pleased with it .40 cal baby eagle full sized. i think its a great gun and i want to purchase the 9mm and the 45 version. i have run 700 rounds thru it and it hasn't jammed any. my only complaint is not much on aftermarket goodies . i would love a 30 round magazine, a laser sight not needed because this baby is super accurate, a longer barrel with threads for a silencer would also be nice. i have seen the new baby eagle witch comes with a laser rail on the bottom of pistol frame infront of the trigger. oh yeah when you buy a gun make sure its all metal if you want a plastic gun go buy a toy....

Mike karaphillis

I am thinking about buying either the full size 40 cal with 2 13 round clips, or the baby eagle semi compact 45..i have rather large hands though......does anybody have some advice for me???????


I have a B.E. in 9mm full size. It has not jammed yet with all sorts of ammo. It is accurate and very comfortable. After shooting my RIA 1911, my baby eagle feels like putting on a pair of sheep fur slippers. It is most excellent.

However, the sights are set to high. It hits 10 inches above point of aim at 15 yards. It is soooo anoying. I have to compensate in order to hit stuff. I tried filing down the rear sight to fix the problem but I filed off too much and now it hits 4 inches low at the same distance. I have looked at buying some sights from meprolight and trijicon but they are not adjustable. My gun smith said he could make me a rear sight for about $100.

Has anyone had any luck with replacement sights? Has anyone had the same problem I have?
Let me know please. Thanks.

Hawklord Dave

Ive been a revolver guy for a long time,recently I became interested in purchasing a 45. I looked at a few within my price range and saw the baby eagle priced lower than what I was prepared to spend,Ive always wanted a desert eagle but not affordable,Ive always heard good feedback on magnum research and the baby eagle had a collection of features that were practical for my use, my decision was narrowed down to the 45. baby eagle or the CZ97b, I went to the internet for a bit or research and even though I wasnt that familiar with CZ it looked like a good choice for a first semi-auto,I went back to the store the next day and the eagle just fit better in my hand,I took it out today and put my first 300 rounds through it,bit different to fire than the 357. Ive gotten to know inside and out, but adjusted fairly quick, the gun felt good in my hands(firing right and left handed)I was pleased with accuracy at 30ft,50ft and about 70ft.the 10 round mag is nice but getting last two in gets kinda tight,jammed on me once but might have been operator err, it occurred during my second clip and no problem after that,my buddies 1911 jams about once every 50-75 rounds so I think ill be alright, I enjoyed my afternoon out with my baby eagle and thinking its going to be a relished sidearm for recreational shooting and out in the bush,

Mr. Vargas / USMC

Hello Gents. Just bought my first gun. Its a B.E. .45. I did alot of research short of firing every pistol I was interested and I just feel in love with the look, feel and reputation of the B.E. .45.

After I finally got my hands on one and took her out to the range, I found a few problems.

1. Filling the magazine was tough, but it was easily overcome. Those last two rounds are tough, but when you put some weight into it you can get it in there. It toughens up your thumbs and index fingers. I'm too used to the easy M16A2 mags.

2. After shooting off a magazine I noticed I put a small scratch on the slide. I realized that this was caused by my wedding ring. This gun scratches very easily. So now when I shoot I shoot as if I were single.

3. Cleaning the pistol later I saw the same thing. This pistol's finish comes off very easily. Dont use your abrasive bore brush on anything but the bore. The inside of my pistol has lost some of its finish. I clean the outside with a soft brush or my General Purpose brush.

4. And this is the most troubling problem that I would like you guys to help me out with a solution to:

I have shot off about 150 rounds and I have had 2 misfeeds and 1 smoke stack. It was a live round smoke stack not the empty shell.

I have read before that this pistol is very picky about what kind of ammo it takes so I stayed away from the flat tip and hollow points.

The ammo I am currently using is the gun range I go to's standard which might be the problem.

Fiocchi 230 grain JHP.

What should I do about this problem? New magazines? Different Ammo, if so what kinds? Send it back to the factory for repair?

Aside from those problems the pistol's accuracy is excellent! The recoil isnt that bad, maintainance is easy, and groups are tight. My wife who was nervous at first ended up out shooting me in her last group. I have no qualms in admiting my wife is a superior PISTOL shooter than me. I have yet to intruduce her to the rifle which I hold the undisputed household title in.

Well anyways would appreciate your help. Please feel free to email me or respond to this post. Thanks.

Mr. Vargas / USMC


WOW! I was very suprised and impressed. I picked up a Baby eagle .40S&W
compact and love the feel. Then I shot it. It is the finest pistol I have ever owned. Just racking the slide you can tell it is built very well.

SGT Smith / USMC

I just got the B.E. 45 works very well got 7 rounds in a silver dollar grouping groups very well. had a little jamming problem though after the 6th or seventh round got a jam. I think think that the gun just needs to be worn in alittle. Mr. vargas did you find a solution for the jamming yet. let me know Smitty.

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