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coy bowers

how much to purchase a 9410 from winchester?

Andre Richard

I would appreciate if you could tell me the approximate cost for a model 9410 and if they are still available at a gun shop. I have a friend who lives in Hawaii and called me today asking if I knew anything about this model, which I told him I never heard about it. I do own numerous Winchester rifles and shotguns but I am not familiar whith the 9410. I would appreciate any info you could send me.
Thank you


Saw an ad showing one for $667...

craig kubik

How much would a winchester 9410 ( 2003) engraved for the turkey federation 30 year anniversary be worth today?

dave haskell

Looking for info on a lever action shotgun. It appears to be about a 12ga. 32" barrel, with a rather R A on the side of the breech..Can anyone provide additional info?? Thanks..Dave in Maine

levar mccurdy

yow mi rate unu guns to the fullest but i cant have none

J. Egan

I have a new, in box, never fired, model 9410 for sale. Make offer.


In Oz? $600. Send email if acceptable.

Joe Robinson

And, being lever-action, this firearm should get around Australia's silly "no-pump-action" shotgun rule.

Joe Robinson

Ok, here's the 12 guage lever-action shotgun; hope you can buy Chinese:

Norinco YL-1887L 'Cowboy 1887' 12ga (x2.75") Lever Action: the model 1887 shotgun was conceived at the request of the Winchester Repeating Arms company and is the first successful repeating shotgun made. The company understandably wanted a gun equipped with the same fast handling and easy to use action which made their already legendary repeating rifles amongst the most feared and respected firearms on the frontier, which was why the Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun was manufactured and marketed before Browning’s pump action design (which evolved into the Model 1897 and M97 Trench Gun respectively). Ironically the latter designs lowered demand for the former, leading Winchester to phase out production of the lever action shotguns in 1920.

The Norinco YL-1887L ‘1887 Cowboy’ is a faithful forged steel reproduction of Winchester’s legendary lever action scattergun. Featuring forged steel construction, 22” barrel, and 5+1 round capacity, these newly made guns are built for today’s ‘smokeless powder’ 12 gauge 2.75” shells for worry-free operation with off-the shelf’ ammunition.

Joe Robinson

BTW, in response to your "Friday, September 15, 2006 at 10:13 PM" post called "Crazy Canucks", the Aussies have had the Port Arthur Massacre (one of the deadliest lone wolf massacres in history), the Coniston massacre, the Milperra massacre, the Hoddle Street massacre, the Queen Street massacre, and the Strathfield massacre.

(Disclaimer: I am Canadian. And a peaceful one at that.)

Having said this, no country seems to be free of maniacs, but I certainly don't see that as reason to disarm law-abiding citizens (in fact, quite the contrary). I'm pulling for you guys and owners all over the world - after all, if you're a Leftist, you just ain't RIGHT.

Enjoy the information posted above - knowledge is power when dealing with gun-banning individuals.

Dylan Styles

I was wondering if they make a rifled 410 barrel, or a slug gun?


No need for the rifled barrel whatsoever. It Will shoot 2" groups at 50 yards with the iron sights as is.

It will kill a deer to about 75 yards

The curent .410 slug "lack or power" at 100 yards would make no use of a rifled barrel.

Have you tried the long colt "buffalo load" in it? :)

Joe Robinson

I really do wish to know if the Model 9410 feeds .45 Long Colt.

Charles Mabie

How does one take /winchester takedown shotgun into its two parts?

Charles Mabie

Made a typo error. The shotgun is a Winchester 1897 model.

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