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a guy

whoever wrote that shit up above, i love you for it. i couldnt have said it better.....good for you telling these pricks whats up


i am not a person of big postings . i speak the truth ( in my opinion )much as every one else here. all i can say is the gun control hippys have created more deaths,killed more kids,widowerd more husbands,widowed more wifes,orphaned more kids and over all distroyed more families than any criminal or group of terorist in U.S. history . makes me think the brady bunch and there followers are members of al Qaeda. so you go and enjoy the lies of osama ben brady.


I have been reading through the posts here and feel compelled to share a few things.

I grew up in a home where my parents kept every weapon in the house loaded and not locked away. The first poster over my bed was a gun safety poster listing the fundamentals of firearm safety and operation. It was one of the first pieces of literature I learned to read. Until I was old enough to be competent in handling firearms, I was not allowed to handle them unsupervised. I was not allowed to have friends over without my parents being home. In the entire time I was living in my parents home, I never once accedently shot anyone or anything, and still have yet to do that.

Now I have a three year old daughter. My wife and I both own firearms. Even at three, my daughter can identify what a firearm is, and knows not to handle any firearm, period, that being the extent of her understanding of firearms at this age. When she gets older, and can understand more, I will teach her the fundamentals to the art of shooting. Knowing a firearms capabilities and how to properly handle them is the only way to adequately prevent accidents.

As far as the gun control issue and the arguments of each side, they both take information and spin it to their benefit. Yes, people of all ages die whether deliberately or accidently through a multitude of means. A statistic is a statistic, same for guns, automobiles, swimming pools, and any other partaking of man. Liberties come with an inheirent risk, and taking guns, cars or pools away from people will not stop them from dying by ever more creative means, be it on purpose or not.

As for the deliberate use of firearms to injure, kill or intimidate people; history is overrun with stories of how human kind has invented more creative ways to injure, kill and intimidate. Denying people the access to guns will not stop people from injuring, killing and intimidating each other. Denying guns to people often results in only denying them to those who are not intent on using guns for malicious means.

Throughout the posts here, I am disturbed at how few of you have taken time from the statistics, propaganda and band wagon banter to step back and look at the big picture. No matter what restrictions or regulations which are imposed on any facet of any civil liberty, the ultimate way to curtail the inheirent short comings to any of them is the proper teaching and proper implimentation of that knowledge. The only thing accomplished by restrictiing and regulating any of these freedoms is the slow, painful witness of these freedoms being stripped away. This applies to more than just the right to bear arms.


JD your articulation of the situation is both moving and inspiring. and most of the time forums like this bring out more passion than common sense. We know the evils men and women can do with or without weapons , as you have said humans will find new ways to bring harm or death to others. I think the problem really is that we know that restricting something that can cause harm has and will never work. But we the honest hard working people should have the ability to meet force with equal force including deadly force . and I am sure every one can back me up on this our lives are worth far more than the persons who are attempting to cripple or kill us. It is the other side of this debate that seams to frustrate us they think with there heart not there head. And trying to give common sense information they refuse to hear it . in there minds if you don’t think with your heart than you are heartless. But we all know its fine to think with your heart but you must filter though you head first


I just bought a Five Seven pistol, I love guns to death, have a 9mm,.40,45 acp, 357 magnun and a 10mm, I think it is so stupid to ban guns, like some one said before here, there is more killing on car accidents, why in the [email protected]#K don't ban cars? here in CA can't own a assault rifle anymore, that's stupid! I would love to own one, too bad I found out way too late,all I want to say is, people will try to find the ways to commit a robbery or kill somebody, don't blame the rifles or guns.


Hell of a discussion. I'm impressed by a lot of the views expressed here; I'm a new gun owner and am really excited to have found this board.

A little background: my grandfather was a hunting enthusiast, owned several shotguns. My father never picked up the interest, and let a lot of the old guns rust (a real shame). I had done some trap shooting myself, but a few months ago, a friend talked me into going to an indoor shooting range with him, and I got hooked on a 9mm. Bought my first firearm (a Beretta 9mm--give me a break, I'm new) a couple of weeks ago, and love it.

Now what I'd like to know is, what's wrong with the proposed laws? Can't we own guns, lots of guns, and have them in our homes and on our person, but accept trigger locks and and increased background checks, things of this variety? I hope to someday own more pistols (as my ability and interest grows), but I just don't see myself being particulartly perturbed by a few extra layers of security that, in a lot of ways, make us responsible folks safer.

In any event, I think maybe we can love guns and be conservative without bashing gun-control types as "hippies." I think the vast majority of people who support this probably think they're doing right by all of us. Obviously there are a few total nuts who want to take away our right to bear; but then there are some total nuts in the NRA too.



I certainly believe that individuals should have the right to protect themselves. This right needs to be done in a very responsible manner. #1 Children top priority always, # 2 when dealing with law enforcement keep in mind what danger they encounter on a daily basis. So if you have a gun let them know.

Killer Bee

WOW, WOW, WOW.... there's a bunch of Ignorant Cunts here... and Proud Americans. USA.... I'm in Law Enforcement, I make the SANE decisions to Enter into Peoples Homes... arrest Criminals. I put my life in the line of fire. I know what they wear. Most of them when they do horrible crime are wearing Vests. Shit... I'm an American. I have a Family. We can only pray that we are allowed to have the same kind of Weapons and Technology that our Enemies ... (Foreign or Domestic) can have or get. I believe every Human being has a right to defend themselves... with anything possible! Now, if a dumb Mother F***R doesn't put away or lock up his gun, and a child gets hurt, well I think he should be shot with his own gun! But that's my opinion. Controlling what kind of Gun there should be... well that's the same as passing a law that all you Anti-GUN/AMERICA/CONSTITUTION F**ck have to get fix so you couldn't breed anymore dumbasses like yourselves. You don't like it??? Well there's the DOOR.... You got CANADA!!!! and MEXICO!!!! Yeah... shut up and ENJOY the freedom BITCH! Now get me a BEER! Now, we would like to think that all LAWFUL GUN OWNERS do what's right. We all just want to protect our own. OH... the FIVE and SEVEN is LEGAL in CALIFORNIA. I just bought one.


To who doughts the knock down power...First most likely the small critter you shoot at you either missed or thru and thru it...We cyotie hunted with my Five-seveN and went 6 for 6 ,4 were thru and thru's. The 22 or 22 mag will open up on impact making it easier to kill small critters..


Randy, please explain to me what the "gun show loophole" is? The fact that you even mention it signals you are a brainwashed dolt throwing about liberal buzzwords that are made up and don't mean a thing. So tell, me, what is the loophole? Please tell me. Because LEGALLY, gun shows have the same exact laws as does a gun shop. You can buy long-guns there just the same as in a gun shop. And for handguns, there is the same multi-day wait as in a gun shop. If someone at a gun show does not follow those laws, what they're doing is illegal. No gun show is going to allow that to happen, or they would lose the license to have a gun show.

So, tell me, what is the loophole? Also, do you spend a lot of time at gun shows to see this loophole first-hand? Have you ever even been to a gun show?

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